THE Science behind the lockdown measures

Alberta Health Services are concerned that some Albertans are unaware that science underpins our decisions behind the lockdowns you are subjected to. In this article we wish to be transparent about what empirical methods we have used to tie our actions directly to science itself.


    We use computer models to predict what the death toll will be and how many of you are going to have to die. The algorithms use the exact same science as the climate change models we have been using for over fifteen years. To be clear, these models have all been wrong but we use them anyway.


    We consult experts like Dr. Deena Hinshaw and Dr. Jiung Hu, (a Chinese National trained in Wuhan China), who was appointed the Deputy Medical Officer of Health in Alberta on January 27, 2020. How lucky are we eh ?! Right in the nick of time.

    Arriving on the shores of Canada in 2007, communist manifesto in hand, Dr. Hu rocketed to poll position inside the Alberta Health Service in a few short years mainly because no Canadian doctors were qualified enough.  Note that any criticism of Dr. Hu will be met with accusations of racism! Both of these two new 'thought leaders' report to another Chinese national Dr. Tam ! Who is unfortunately afflicted with the mental illness of gender dysphoria, (and we are compassionate about that), but that unfortunate affliction does not stop her/him, (whatever),  from mandating what your living conditions should be; and thus your mental health.  


    While 'confusion' may not seem to be a valid scientific response to the DEADLY PANDEMIC CAUSED BY THE KILLER VIRUS, it works wonders for what we want, which let's be clear, is the power to run the Judiciary branch of the Alberta Government, so that what WE say becomes LAW and that's that.

    If we say cloth masks can stop a virus that is 0.1µ of a micron across, you must believe, you must wear them, and do this with a thankful smile on your face us in spite of logic telling you otherwise.  If you do not believe us you are a COVID DENIER and will be hounded into shame and submission by the herds of rabid Karens we have cultivated as our attack dog, thanks to the collaboration of ..... [see point 4.]


    We cannot thank the mainstream media enough for helping us during this plandemic. With their help we have successfully ignored your concerns and distracted you with other non-issues so you would quickly forget these questions. Like, why are Hydroxycholoqine and Ivermecin never ever mentioned in any context whatsoever. As far as we are concerned these drugs simply do not exist. If any doctor mentions them we will threaten to fire them and deprive them not only of their livelihood but their pension too.  

    We were unable to use them because there were insufficient double blind, peer reviewed, slam dunk studies that were allowed to be published and that got through the Big Tech shadow banning algorithms. The brand new mRNA-technolgy vaccine on the other hand was easy to recommend even with zero double blind studies or any peer reviewed articles in medical journals. Pfizer said it was good to go and that's good enough for us.

    Our hearts would go out to all the people that would have been saved by using these two medications from the get go, honestly.

  5. FEAR

    Regarding existing medications such as Hydroxychlorquine, "There is no evidence it can protect people from contracting COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus",  stated  the CBC backed up by a well known COVID expert and novelist Eden Robinson, "if you can imagine your migraines in your eye, that was my experience with hydroxychloroquine", she stated. So there you have it. Hydroxychloroquine will make your eyeballs so painful you would rather be dead. And Ivermectin is simpy irrelevant. 


    We could not have completed the vital work we are carrying out without the unquestioning obedience of Law Enforcement. AHS makes the laws and Law Enforement enforces them mindlessly and brutally. Fortunately if you carefully read the oaths that the RCMP take it never mentions you at all. Their allegiance  is to The Queen of England first, the law second, (ahem, we make those), so stop expecting them to help you. Like the doctors, they are understandably terrified of reprisals and loosing their livelihood and pension. So they get to keep their salary and you do as as you are told. That's how it works now.


    Cases are deaths that have not happened yet. Got that? Cases are equivalent to deaths. If we repeat it often enough you will start to understand that cases are deaths, because we say cases are deaths, and deaths are cases, and cases are deaths. Same same. Got that? Cases are deaths that have not happened yet. People who have a case of COVID will die one day! It is 100% certain that one day they will die. 


    Yes! Absolutely! We even have made up picture of it here to scare the ever living crap out of your children. We spent a lot of your money making this picture and even more on making damn sure you saw it, so now you can see "The Face of COVID" ! This particular completely inaccurate anthropomorphic COVID molecule-chappy is carrying a birthday cake right into the heart of your childens birthday party. Which maens you are not only careless you are evil. 


    While we are working hard to keep you safe many of you are simply taking the easy way out my ending your own lives. We understand, compassionately and empathically how loosing your business, your income and your marriage may negatively affect your outlook on the next twelve months of grinding lockdown. Either way if you do top yourself we will count your death as COVID related, which technically it is. So thanks - the ending of every life, no mater how tragic and needless helps our statistics keep you right where we want you.

You may have gathered by now that the title of this article has no bearing on its content, so if you are expecting to get a rational explanation of why science backs up the ever-changing lockdown rules, forget it. There is no logic and it's going to stay that way. The purpose of propaganda is not to convince you of its truth. Quite the opposite. The more you force intelligent people to accept obvious lies, (or even better repeat them), the more they are likely to loose once and for all their sense of probity, and thereafter be unable to see the truth when it is right in front of their face. Or even if it is stuck up their bum. And that is EXACTLY what we want.


Now bend over...