Subject: Your gross neglect of Albertans

Look, bitch, I know you feel all fancy up there trying to look a Kardashian or some shit, but knock it off or resign. The only reason you keep up with your stupid recommendations is that someone else did, and you love the spotlight. If you want to keep up with this charade of yours by bankrupting the people that …

You should be unemployed

Your the biggest problem in the province right now. I’ve been here all my life never seen politicians and you (civil servant) so out of control. I always think the more degree you have the less common sense. Think I’m wrong feel free to call me out.

Whistle Stop Cafe

Hi Deena Hinshaw, so as you know, Chris Scott who is the owner of Whistle Stop Cafe decided to open his business so that he can feed his family. You should be helping those who own a local business, not attacking them. If you arrest Chris Scott and shut his cafe down, he will lose everything. As he is opening …

Fwd: COVID Impact

———- Forwarded message ——— From: Serpiente Purpura Date: Tue, Feb 2, 2021, 10:01 PM Subject: COVID Impact To: Hi there Dr Deena, What are our plans to deal with tripled suicide deaths and quadrupled overdoses? Why is this not considered?

injustice to the medical field

I am concerned with the choosing to harm 2 groups. We know that the virus will spread, it is a contagious virus, we can control the spread only to a certain degree. We know that the death rate has not gone up in the past few years, especially in the 60+ age group. We know that the younger age groups …