3rd wave

Dr Deena
I am writing to you because I feel that you are preparing us for another shutdown.
At this point there is so much scientific evidence that we should be just opening up. Why are you still going down this trail? Why are countries and U.S. states completely opening up?
Could you please tell me how are you finding all these variants from the PCR test?
And please stop telling us about cases. That means absolutely nothing. Does a case mean that person is going to die!
I notice you have stopped telling us the age of the deaths. Is that because they are in their nineties and were going to die anyways? I am sure you have heard the saying “pneumonia is an old person’s friend”. I have heard many doctors say this. Now Covid has become their friend. It is the cycle of life.
And did I just hear you say that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe. Let’s see how you feel when a family sues you. I don’t think that will be protected under the pharmaceutical exclusion. Because you know it’s not safe and you are lying.
It is time for you to resign. Please! Before you do anymore damage to Albertans and their families!!
Deb Manz