A long letter, please read.

Hello Deena,
I hope you are well. I’m sure you’ve been told many times the facts about covid but it seems there is an agenda and are enjoying your 15 mins of fame on this earth. A fame for which you will one day have to give an account. Please don’t think that you can “get away with anything” on this earth. We all know in our heart of hearts the truth. That God is real and we will have to stand before him on judgement day. The impossibility of evolutionary creation proves there is a creator. When you look at a building or a piece of art work, you instantly know there is a creator. The earth in all its majesty is far more complex than anything a human can create. Eco systems that all function in harmony with one another. Even our bodies, symbiotic with our environments, are more complex than the most detailed composed orchestra in their function of events. Humans have barely grasped the order that is the universe. Blundering in many ways to make things right in the world we often end up causing nature more trouble had we left it alone. We also see entropy, a force that cannot exist if evolution is to be true. All things are proceeding towards disorder, not towards it. There could be no higher evolved creatures when any mutations result in negative effects. We do see slight variations within species but there is never variations that lead to new species. These adaptions to environment are not evolution to new species. Also DNA is being corrupted over time. Darwin didn’t even know DNA existed when he made up his theory. If he had, his theory wouldn’t have stood a chance at the time. Seeing as DNA is a source of information, more complex than computer coding, it has to have an intelligent source. It also shows us that there is no such thing as a “simple celled organism” with all organisms containing the most detailed of information and cells as complex as cells in larger creatures. The cell itself has been recently discovered to be more complex than Nee York city, with a myriad of functions akin to running a large city such as garbage disposal. And also we know that seemingly simple organisms coexist with larger ones in a symbiotic relationship. There could not be a time when one existed without the other because they work in unison. The false idea that different time periods contained only more simple organisms does not now hold up. Also the fossil record does not show this with large deposits of a variety of animal fossils altogether. The fossil record is more indicative of a giant flood and drastic climate change than anything else. This can even be seen in some of the displays at our Alberta dinosaur museum. Where the placards indicate that scientists think many of the dinosaurs they have castings of were caught in a great flood. They can’t deny the science. We know there is a creator. It is the one reason atheists attack Christians so much. They feel guilty for denying the truth that they know deep down. Christianity is the only religion atheists fight so vehemently. Why would they do this if their atheism teachings that nothing really matters? Why would they do anything. Nothing really matters according to atheism. But it seems atheists deny this fact about atheism as well because they know also that it is not true. There must be order, there must be rules in order for society to function. It has not evolved over time, order has been in place since the dawn of the universe. And why christianity? Why is it always the one under attack by the media and atheists. Certainly there is many fallen people in churches and it is easy to point to these instead of the word of God. It’s the one religion that has the most accurate history documents to back up its claims. With ancient copies of the biblical text people can see clearly if the translation has been altered or not. Also, the Bible condemns the ones who wrote it. Why would the Jewish people fabricate a religion that makes them to be the perpetrators in the end? The Old Testament prophecies of a messiah and these prophecies are specifically fulfilled in the New Testament. Did the Jewish people accept this teaching? No, they outright rejected it and still do in large numbers today. How can people claim the book is altered when it’s own people reject it? But yet we have the prophecies in the Old Testament that have been fulfilled and documented years after they were made. Specific prophecies that claim the messiah would be hung on a tree. Specific prophecies where his clothes would be torn and his bones not broken. These prophecies we know have not been altered since the Jews have kept very careful copies of the Old Testament since ancient times. Then there is the question of the New Testament writers making everything up. What benefit would it be for them to do this when it cost them their lives (many were killed) and went against the religion of the times, causing them to be hated and outcast. There was no worldly benefit to throwing in your lot with Jesus. There were enough witnesses of Jesus that historians agree he was a real historical person. There is more evidence historically for Jesus than there is for Caesar Augustus, of whom there is no debate to his existence or even much question to his recorded actions even though there is little to no proof of those claims. The accounts of Jesus when read in unison are very very similar. With very little difference. There is slight difference as they were recorded by different people so the timing of events might be remembered differently. There is nothing to discredit them. If they had wanted to make a false book they would make them perfectly unified as if written by the same person. They are exactly as eye witness accounts should be if they were recorded in any testimony as done today. Compare them for yourself and see. Again we know they are not altered since there are copies of the texts from the time period not long after Jesus. If they had altered them in modern times we would be able to compare the translations. Lastly we come to the claims of Jesus. If he was a real person, why did he claim to be God? Why did he clearly use the name from the Old Testament that God used when he spoke to Moses? The great I AM. Why did he constantly talk about His mission from the Father? He is a real person and people believed and followed him and were willing to die. In fact, people still are dying all over the world for their faith in Jesus. It is the fastest growing religion and the most persecuted religion. Even thought the media wishes to hide these facts. The fact is Christians are being killed every day. There is more death of Christians than there is of Covid. In countries where to be a Christian is a death sentence people are still choosing Christ. Why would they make this choice? Either it is insanity or it is real. They say every 5 minutes a Christian dies. And that at the same time millions are coming to Christ in places like communist China. Despite being raised to believe in atheism. This knowledge that we can’t deny leads us to search things out for ourselves. It is impossible to ignore it as it will only channel into a hatred of Christians, with the desire of assuaging the inner guilt. And what was Jesus’ message that stirs people to leave behind families, fortune and life behind? Jesus message was simple:
Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened, for my ways are easy and my burden light.
I did not come into the world to condemn the world, but to save it and give life to the perishing.
All those who believe in me will never perish and have life forever more.
Set aside the sin that so easily ensures us and run with endurance the race to the finish, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
The Bible is filled with some of the most beautifully written life lessons and knowledge of humanity and the hearts of people. We know that the heart is deceitfully wicked, wanting us to ignore the truth and ultimately choose what will take us to our death. The Bible is written intelligently and artistically with sections of poetry and proverbs as well as deep intellectual discussion. It is very clear and easy to understand. It so not written in a mythical style. God says that we all fall short of following him. We all fail to follow his commands. His commands are not evil commands. They protect our society and people. How many times have we lied only to feel great guilt and cause division in relationships? God says “you shall not lie.” How many times do we steal? It might not be money, it might be time or as commonly done, movies online. Stealing hurts peoples livelihood. God says “you shall not steal.” How many times do we commit adultery? Looking at pornography, lusting, our thoughts on what we know we should not. God has these rules to protect people. How many people have suffered and been abused because sexual sins have not been avoided? The human trafficking market, including abuse of children, is increasing at an alarm rate. We have all turned away from God. We all need reconciliation. We need new hearts that can turn from these sins that hurt those around us. That is exactly why Jesus had to come. The penalty of sin is death. We will all die one day and will have to give an account of what we have done. There is no hope. But God, in His rich and abundant mercy, sent His own son to die on our behalf. Who would even die for a friend? God has sent his own son, a sinless sacrifice, for those who hate him. For those who hurt those around them there can be healing, reconciliation and change. We don’t have to stay in our sins. By the grace of God we can cry out to Him to save us. And he will give us a new spirit. He can give us the will to change and become better people. Not just stagnant in our wrong doing. Look and live. Look to Jesus and live. There is peace for your soul. Joy in sorrow and the hard things of the world. God is a loving and kind father, that walks with us. Holding our hand, wanting to hear our every concern and to provide for our needs. And provide the grace to stand through trials. For the trials are part of the faith. The Christians don’t win in the end. Satan will take the lives of all. It is predicted in the last book of revelation. So when we choose Christ we know it is the harder path. But when God gives us this knowledge of him and what is to come after, how can we turn back? I hope that you can search out these things for yourself. I pray that God touches your heart and gives you eyes to see. Without his intervention we can’t see. But God is rich in mercy and to all who fall into His hands with repentance and faith he will one day give a crown of glory. While there is still time, consider these things. It is the most important thing you can do.
Take care,