Absolutely mind blown!

Goodmorning Dr. Hinshaw,
I’m writing this letter to you to let you know just how disappointed I am in you and your team leaders on the decisions you’ve been making thus far over this Scamdemic to lock us down and keep us down. There are endless scientist proven facts that state that this virus, even if it’s real, that it has a survival rate of 99.9%. Even with the new mutation showing up (which happens with ANY virus), still doesn’t make it even close to serious enough to shut the world down or our country down. I’m not sure if someone more elite is making you make these horrible decisions for our country or you are just so messed up in the head that you think shutting shit down and separating us as a society, even families, will help us and not do harm to us. But this is all doing more harm to us then Covid is even doing. I’m thoroughly, and I say this with great heart, THOROUGHLY disappointed in you as a leader. I expected more of you and Jason Kenny and whomever else but you are all apart of the Great Plan that Trudeau has for our sad country. I pray when the time comes, God has a place for people like you.
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