Acceptance of your commercial liability for actions taken against Grace Life Church

April 15, 2021
Dear Ms. Yiu, Mr. Shandro, Mr. Kenney, Ms. Hinshaw, please find a copy of the letter sent to the RCMP, it applies to you as well in your private and commercial capacity and you will be held commercially liable as there is no qualified immunity for you either:
Dear Mr. Lokken and Mr. Mehdizadeh:
Will the unlawful seizure and closure of Grace Life Church be yet another black eye on the history of the RCMP?
There is no qualified immunity for men and women, employed by the government in any capacity, acting _ultra vires_. This would include taking orders from AHS without first doing your due diligence, by investigating whether or not the province has provided proof, in substance, of a medical emergency, by Dr. Yiu, Premier Jason Kenney, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Health Minister Tyler Shandro. This has not been done by any province let alone Alberta.
Given no proof from the Province, the RCMP leadership and investigative team should have taken the step to look at the ‘all-cause mortality’ from previous years to date for the province, RCMP have had a year plus to do so. Deaths increased more in 2014-2015 than 2019 to 2020. Surely you need no more proof to know police and RCMP have been used unwittingly to harm the men in women in the provinces.
Each and every one of you from the judges to those in your office have sworn an oath of allegiance to the Queen, have you not? In 1953, at her coronation, she did not refute the statement made by the Archbishop when he said, referring to the King James Christian Bible, that it was “the most valuable thing which the world affords”. Since the Queen is the ‘defender of the faith’ which includes the peaceful gatherings of worship to the Creator, you have broken your oath to Her, the Charter of Rights – which applies only to the government, and to the men and women you swore to protect. Certainly, you must know that regulations, orders, by-laws, policies, statutes, acts, bills, are not the same as laws and have limited application, usually only to government employees.
By acting _’ultra vires’_ and you have now endangered your personal assets which can be seized commercially should anyone choose to pursue this by suing everyone in their private capacity, who acted against Grace Life Church. All could have made a conscious objection to disobey an unlawful order but did not. Furthermore, none of you did your homework and have now violated criminal, constitutional and Gods law. The RCMP has gone a long way to whitewash their long history of being ‘goons for the government’ as evidenced below, please do not add to the criminal record of the RCMP further by obeying the communist dictates of the Chinese faction that has undue influence in Canada.
If all acted as Peter Downing[retired] and followed the course of honor and good morals instead of unlawful color of law orders, the folks in Alberta would be appreciative.
In Service to Truth,
Kate Shaw
RCMP in a snapshot:
From the kidnapping at gun point of native children from their families in the early 1900’s, forcing them into ‘residential schools’, the killing of Innuit sled dogs in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as the government forced them into modern settlements, the theft of dynamite in April 1971, by an RCMP team from Richelieu Explosives, who hid four cases of dynamite in Mont Saint-Grégoire, in an attempt to link the explosives with the FLQ, a series of more than 400 illegal break-ins by the RCMP that was uncovered October 6, 1972, at the Agence de Presse Libre du Québec office, had been the work of an RCMP investigation dubbed Operation Bricole, not right-wing militants. The 1974 arrest of RCMP Security Service Corporal Robert Samson whose failed bombing attempt while at the house of Sam Steinberg, founder of Steinberg Foods in Montreal. He announced that he had done “much worse” on behalf of the RCMP, and admitted he had been involved in the APLQ break-in. On April 19, 1978, the Director of the RCMP criminal operations branch, admitted that the RCMP had entered more than 400 premises without warrant since 1970. The Barn-burning Scandal, on the night of May 6, 1972, the RCMP Security Service burned down a barn owned by Paul Rose’s mother in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle, Quebec on ‘suspicions’ not evidence, The arson came after they failed to convince a judge to allow them to wiretap the alleged meeting place, admitted by Solicitor General Francis Fox on October 31, 1977, Theft of PQ Members List in 1973, Excessive Use of Force At The 1997 APEC Summit, Canadian government interfered with police operations, possibly in an effort to shield certain leaders from being publicly embarrassed by the protests, Killing of Darren Varley, Torture Scandal: The Stories of Ahmad El Maati, Abdullah Almalki and Maher Arar on September 26, 2002, Pension Fund Scandal, In 2004, Andrew McIntosh, an investigative journalist at The National Post, revealed a secret audit that detailed misuse of millions of dollars by the RCMP of its own members pension fund, Const. Justin Harris and The Prince George RCMP – following the 2002 case of a Prince George judge, David Ramsay, who pled guilty to misconduct with young prostitutes similar allegations were made against Constable Justin Harris and other RCMP officers. Harris was accused of having touched an underage prostitute, paying a prostitute for sex, and refusing to pay at all, between 1993 and 2001. June 2006, Adam Jonathan Clarke, a former [Langley] RCMP officer, was charged with two counts of child luring after using police computers to convince a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old to produce pornography for him.” October 29, 2005 the arrest of 22 yr. old Ian Bush in Houston, British Columbia who died due to a single gunshot wound to the back of the head at the RCMP detachment office, Robert Dziekański Taser Incident, he died after being tasered a total of five times by a group of four RCMP officers, in May 2008, at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, an RCMP officer used a taser on 82 year old Frank Lasser while he was in his hospital bed. Allegation of Political Bias Against Insite in October 2008, it was revealed that the RCMP had used taxpayer money to pay individuals to write negative, politically biased reports about the Vancouver safe injection site, in 2004 RCMP Const. Khomphet (Kam) Khamphoune, 33was charged with six criminal offences in connection with a continuing child pornography investigation, June 09, 2007 a former Revelstoke Mountie James Adam Carson who broke into four female RCMP officers’ homes to soil and steal their panties pled guilty to 10 counts related to break and entering, theft, and accessing and possession of child pornography which found more than 32,000 pictures and videos of pornography, including 24 videos involving children, June 08, 2007 A former Vancouver Island Mountie Seth Paine, 32, was charged after the constable had sex with a 14-year-old girl he met over the Internet in early 2006 though he was acquitted over technicalities. Transactions reveal Nova Scotia Shooter may have been RCMP Asset, The withdrawal of $475,000 in cash by the man who killed 22 Nova Scotians in April matches the method the RCMP uses to send money to confidential informants and agents, sources say, the RCMP Brag about smear campaigns where Peter Montague, Dennis Ryan, Mike Webster, FBI, (present and active at WACO, TUPAC AMARU massacre) are caught on video planning mass media smear campaigns May 12, 2015 1st of 8 parts about the Gustafsen lake siege including eyewitness testimony and surveillance footage.
Law Enforcement (a Direct Message to RCMP, OPP, Municipal Police Agency)