Alarming reaction of an 11 year old PLEASE READ

My heart was broken today when I saw the look of total devastation on a young girls face when she was told her dance classes have once again been cancelled.  The tears that followed and the hurt she was experiencing makes me seriously wonder what this roller coaster ride is doing to her mental health.  My worry turned to shock when she was told that her horse club activities had also been cancelled.  The two things she lives for now both no longer allowed.  What shocked me most was to watch the look of devastation slowly turn to one of deep thought then anger and then what happened next was horrific.  This sweet caring 11 year old girl who hasn’t got a  mean bone in her body asked if kids can go to jail.  I assumed she was wondering what the consequences would be for breaking the rules.  We said it depend what for and she said with more hate than I have ever seen in her “I want to kill (then named a certain politician who’s name I won’t mention). You say the restrictions and lock downs are for our own good but this one child’s reaction is enough to convince me otherwise.  There needs to come a point where the mental health and stability of people needs to come first. All the unrealistic lockdowns and amplified restrictions are turning normal law abiding  people into rule breakers. The inconsistency of the restrictions is a joke. When you can pack thousands of untraceable  people into the malls because hallways and corridors are not included in the count but a small dance group of 7 can’t get together in a small totally monitored setting doesn’t make sense. I guess they  could head to the mall and practice at Center court because it’s ok for them to be there around thousands of other people they don’t know.  How does that make sense?  What about 10 people in a large outdoor riding arena enjoying some fresh air and social distancing with lots of space between them and knowing exactly who the other people are they are sharing the space with.  Not allowed, but those same people could all go to the mall at the same time and share that crowded environment with thousands of people they don’t know.  Please tell me how you can explain that logic. I now can no longer get my hair cut in a one on one, environment where strict disinfectant protocols are being practiced but again can spend all day walking around the mall with thousands of people I don’t know.  It doesn’t take many brains to figure out which of these scenarios pose the most threat yet malls are never closed.  Do you just enjoy picking on the small store owners that have bent over backwards to follow your rules just to be slapped in the face yet again. The vendetta you seem to have against restaurant owners is disturbing.  The put in all the required work and money to get there places safe for dining and you close them to in house dining, then you open them up again only to reclose them except for patio dinning and take out. So the spend even more money they haven’t got to comply with the latest demands getting patios ready and no soon are they done  complying you shut them down again.  You keep them on a yoyo string and yet the malls remain open.    In my opinion your Covid restrictions are not saving us but sentencing us to a tortuous slow death.  I think I would rather take my chances with Covid.  Please wake up and rethink some of these narrow minded senseless restrictions before it is to late.  I pray someone will listen for the sanity of us all.  
Yours respectfully Mary Ann Sparling