To my Elected Representative, Associate Minister of Mental Health, Minister of Education, Premier Jason Kenney, Leader of the Opposition Rachel Notley, Dr.Deena Hinshaw
Albertans are demanding an end to the politically imposed medical tyranny in this province. It is time for our elected officials to take back the power from the duo of Dr. Deena Hinshaw and the Leader of the Opposition Rachel Notley. Too many of us go unanswered by our elected representatives and it is time that we demand action and for you to hear us loud and clear. Very soon, COVID will descend down into its natural and seasonal cycle. This will be the provincial governments opportunity to replace Dr.Hinshaw with Alberta Emergency Services and the pre-written Province of Alberta Pandemic Plans. We thank Dr. Hinshaw for her service. But moving forward the Alberta Emergency Services has a well thought out and developed Pandemic Plan that is now needing to be implemented. Albertans will be in the good care of Alberta Emergency Services, along with the development of therapeutics, preventatives and vaccines. By doing so, you will regain power from Dr.Hinshaw so that yourself and Alberta Emergency Services can better meet the needs of all Albertans. You will be “handing the baton of care from Dr.Hinshaw to the very capable Alberta Emergency Services.” 1) COVID is a respiratory virus, so yes, it will cycle with its natural mutations and variants as all viruses have always done and will continue to do. eg. H1N2 2) A year ago, we started out with the Lockdown of “everyone stay home for 2 weeks to flatten the curve” and that has now morphed into many months (March-June). Then, the Government of Alberta renamed the Lockdown a “3 Week Circuit Breaker” which has already morphed into 4 months and counting (December to Now). COVID Zero is IMPOSSIBLE. Lockdowns do not work EVER, nor in the middle of respiratory virus season in North America. 3) Dr.Hinshaw is myopically focused on protecting AHS. This narrow sighted focus is Psychologically, Physically and Financially Destroying Alberta and hard working Albertans. The health care system is not, and has not been overwhelmed. It is nowhere near at risk of being overwhelmed, and all of the actual cases have fallen well below the projections made last year by AHS. 4) There is much more that impacts Life and Death in Alberta than COVID. And right, so many Albertans are being asked to return to living life to its fullest, as they feel is acceptable and determined by the individual alone. Adults can and should be making their own independent risk assessments, and doing what they feel is fully in their best interest to get the most out of their one life on earth. None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow, and it is much more likely one will die of cancer or heart attack than COVID. 5) Locking down Healthy, Employable, Vibrant and Inspired Albertans is a crime against humanity. It takes a quick look to countries and states across the world that are rescinding and apologizing for their illegal lockdown of their citizens. Our current lockdown is illegal as well. 6) Dr. Hinshaw is unelected and was appointed by the Leader of the Opposition, Rachel Notley when she was Premier of Alberta. It is time she is removed from her position. More importantly, it is time to separate the UCP from the myopic, destructive influence of Dr. Hinshaw and Rachel Notley. In the long run, this immediate separation would help with your chances of re-election in this province. 7) It is time for the UCP to move Alberta confidently and positively forward by working with Alberta Emergency Services and the pre-written Alberta Pandemic Plan, as we should have been doing all along. In the past 5 days cases have gone up, but are now also going down again. Yes, there will be variants, and one will become the dominant strain. This is what happens with viruses. See the flu and H1N1 as examples. Lockdowns are being ended around the world, as the evidence is in that they are both illegal and ineffective. If a Lockdown was going to work, it would have by now. Small businesses, gyms, schools, are not the problem. Look to Costco, McDonald’s and Walmart, as you haven’t shut them down yet. People NEED freedom, fitness, healthy nutrition, sunlight and social supports to be HEALTHY. Staying at home alone is not health promotion, as this last year has only gone to show. Dr.Hinshaw herself said in June, that the best way to avoid this virus was to quit smoking, lose weight and be physically active. How about we try that route? Doing the same thing over and over again is insane. As is listening to Dr.Hinshaw and Rachel Notley constant ramblings and fear mongering. At least 70% of the province is tired of these restrictions. No one is listening or caring anymore. People need people. End of story. None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow, we need to resume living for today. And those that want to hide at home are more than welcome to do so. As for the rest of us, we can also make our own choices. And we are saying no to more Lockdowns and restrictions in Alberta. >> Premier Jason Kenney and MLAs of the UCP; Your base of UCP supporters is dissolving by the day as we are awaiting an immediate leadership review with hopes that the party is worth saving. Why are you taking down an entire party that many Albertans worked hard to build and create unity – all for Jason Kenney and Dr.Deena Hinshaw? The Wildrose Independent Party of Alberta has 29/87 CAs established. They are campaigning and mobilizing. Some of us are waiting to hear if the CA22 Movement will push forward with a Fall Leadership Review for the UCP. Rachel, if you have made it this far please recognize that grassroot conservatives in Alberta have learned their lesson in 2015 and there will be no splitting of the vote in 2023. We just hope that the UCP makes a quick decision to help prevent this as many have lost faith in the Premier and the direction of the party. As the Legislature returns from an Easter break with sittings scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and evening, Wednesday afternoon and evening, and Thursday afternoon – we demand that our call to end these restrictions and the removal of Dr.Hinshaw be echoed in the chamber. You are our elected representatives and it is time that our requests be brought forward for everyone to hear. Moving forward we demand accountability and action from all of our elected representatives – we are Albertans and will accept nothing less. Yours truly, * Florian and Brenda Skuban* 780-307-2747