Alberta’s Medical Experts Speak – Edmonton Apr 12/21

Please watch and listen to what these highly regarded Medical Experts have to say about the covid19 pandemic disaster.
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Overview of presenters’ statements:
Dr. Roger Modry: Inaccuracy of computer models Silencing of scientific and medical professionals Lockdowns offer no benefit; a crime against humanity Covid diagnosis: high cycle threshold of the CPR test offers inaccurate data; dying OF versus dying WITH covid results in false numbers Health care system not overwhelmed Viral variance is not logical
Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Covid pandemic is “the most grave injustice our society has ever experienced” Government overreach has resulted in “the most profound fear and utterly unwarranted loss of personal freedoms” ever experienced in Alberta’s history Gross intrusion of the government in personal health matters ”First do no harm.” The cure is far worse than the disease “Masks, social distancing and closures of all kinds have no consensus for effectiveness in medical literature” The Great Barrington Declaration is the only viable approach Fear and hysteria is being maintained by the international silencing of all counter opinions by politicians, journalists, physicians Asymptomatic testing is useless and counterproductive Sleight of hand manipulation of case and death numbers Public not informed of PCR test inadequacy Contact tracing is useless Covid vaccines are experimental and unsafe; lack of informed consent before vaccinating people “Profound loss of personal freedom resulting from the various mandates are an unforgivable assault on the essence of our humanity.” Nothing works to stop and spread this virus. It must simply run its course
World media, government and corporate entities are blocking thousands and thousands of medical and scientific experts from conveying their deep concerns to the public. It’s past time to become aware of what is happening in this world, as hugely rich psychopaths use the covid pandemic as a smokescreen to proceed with their agenda for the breakdown and restructuring of world society.
Mary Binette