APOLOGIES FOR MY: Lockdown and measures EMAIL

Dear Sonya, Deena and Jason I would like to apologize for my curt tone in my last email. I have had a few friends impart heartbreakingly sad stories ofloss over this past year which have left me feeling powerless and angry.   My heartache got the best of me. My tone showed angst and immaturity. Please accept my apology. Anger is not the way. I will always stand up for and be on the side of my beautiful Canada and its people and the God given rights we have had bestowed on us at birth. That includes your peaceful right to Audi Alteram Partem which means “listen to the other side”. My prayer is that we honour each other enough to respectfully find a way to the other side of this situation soon, using calm and reason while protecting our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms that allow us the right to face all the risks this life has to offer which includes those we cannot see. I am hopeful those in charge will become beacons of hope for those they serve.  I will never see my friends and neighbours as ‘carriers’ of anything but the state of the human spirit and condition of which I am more than happy to subject myself to. That is also why I have tremendous respect for and will support The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms who have been fighting for Canadians all the way on the side of our God given rights.    I will continue to offer my neighbours front yard concerts as the weather gets warmer despite having Police called on melast December for wanting to sing Christmas Carols to the neighbours from my living room to the outdoors while respecting the restrictions. I will continue to live my life through music and lift others up the best way I can. May we all have the opportunity this blessed holiday weekend to join our hearts and spirits together to reflect on our humanness and the treasure that “everyone born of God overcomes the world” and our Rights and Freedoms are still celebrated here in our great nation. Blessings. Deanna  PS~ I choose not to include my ‘cranky’ email.