Blow the whistle or resign

This is just fair notice. The people know you are pushing an agenda, you do not serve our best interests. I suggest you come out publicly about the depth of the lies and respectfully resign. This way you might salvage a shred of public respect. When it comes time for you and your comrades to go on trial for the countless crimes you continue to commit, you will be given as much consideration as you have demonstrated to hold for us. At the moment that is very little, and honestly every time you address the public there is a sense of narcissism and disrespect. Do you believe the garbage that comes from your mouth? Or are you being “forced” to regurgitate these public health orders? Either way you will be held accountable so why not try being accountable? Do what is right and blow the whistle on this scam already. We don’t give a shit about any virus, we prefer the risks of contracting a deadly virus to those of loosing our livelihoods.
Signed, One of many human beings fed up with your shit.