Covid 19 restrictions

Dr Hinshaw: I believe it is time for you to take into consideration all the harm you have brought upon the people of Alberta with these strict shutdowns. I believe your intentions when this pandemic started were valid but with it continually becoming drawn out you have overstepped your boundaries. I believe you are now using deceptive medical practices to keep these businesses from opening. You are giving the people an illusion of an emergency that does not exist. You are also misleading the people with vaccine information that is a lie. This vaccination is gene therapy and not a vaccination at all. It gives people the false information that they will be protected from the infection. You also have been saying it can be transmitted and these things have not been proven. In telling people to get vaccinated real people are being harmed and dying. Many laws have been violated in this process. It has been proven what they are calling a vaccine is really experimental biological agents. I feel you have violated your oath as a doctor “to do no harm” and it is time for you to resign from this position that you seem to lord over us. I guess the one that upsets me the most is the deceptive medical practices you are continuing to advocate. The cure that you seem to have picked (shutdowns) is worse than the disease. I believe the day is coming that you will be brought before the courts with your injustices. You alone are bringing shame to the Hinshaw name and that alone should be enough to stop these lies.
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