Dr. Kory – Ivermectin and COVID (Let’s Help End the Pandemic) YouTube video

Dear Dr. Hinshaw,
I have sent the email below to many of my friends and family as I feel there needs to be pressure put on government and health officials to look at all options in the fight against COVID.  I cannot fathom why there is foot dragging on the use of Ivermectin as it would save lives and free up hospital beds.  The damage of lockdowns cannot be overstated and I am angry that there is a wait and see approach to such a horrific situation. Ivermectin is a safe drug and doctors need to be given the green light to use along with the other interventions Dr. Kory outlines. It is a sad day when third world countries recognize these benefits before we do.
Hello All,
I hope you don’t mind me sending you this email.  After a year of lockdowns I think we would all love to see a light at the end of the tunnel, sooner then later.  Dr. Kory is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Care, working with the sickest of patients in ICU in the US.  He is part of a group of specialists that have worked tirelessly to find and repurpose medications for the treatment of COVID.   Ivermectin, which has been in use for 30 years for the treatment of parasites, was identified early on as a possible treatment.  They have now been using Ivermectin in their COVID patients since the summer and have saved many lives.  Dr. Kory has spoken at the senate pleading that the studies they and others have done be looked at by the NIH and WHO and for them to endorse it as a therapy.  The wheels are turning but slowly and politics is definitely impacting its implementation.  It is being used in countries around the world, with many doctors and scientist also convinced of its benefits and time for us to get on board.  If we can treat COVID in the majority of patients, the pandemic is truly over.  He is asking that we all share this information and I feel it is the least we can do. 
This is a fairly long interview but well worth skipping Netflix for.  The first hour is Dr. Kory’s presentation and the last hour is Q & A, which is also very interesting and eye opening.  There is some echoing when Dr. Syed speaks, but always understandable and Dr. Kory speaks 95% of the time and his sound is crystal clear.   
Please forward it to friends, family, physicians and government officials if you find the information compelling.

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