I am wondering if you have seen the same data that we have – that this virus has a 99% survival rate and only people who are over 55 with multiple comorbidities are at risk. I am wondering why despite this obvious data that you are forcing 99% of the rest of the population to suffer by unnecessary precautions – our youth are suffering the most – I refer you to this article by the CBC which shows: 1. serious youth suicide attempts have TRIPLED 2. youth substance use admissions have DOUBLED 3. youth presenting with psychosis symptoms have DOUBLED 4. eating disorder admissions are up 90% This is happening all across Canada. Do you not care about their lives? www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/pandemic-safety-measures-children-teen-health-impact-1.5953326?fbclid=IwAR1Xtes8FjLEwTzAC0pV_vpRicu_27BuuxjgBmHNW6Rn4rOSk-iLKg-ejsw