End these draconian lockdowns

Mrs. Hinshaw/ Mr Kenney/ Mr. Shandro
I watched another covid 19 report of yours and I was shocked when you decided not to lift the restrictions to phase 3. You had said if cases in hospitals were below 300 things would be lifted, I believe that was just to appease us.
I am disappointed and disgusted in what you are doing to the People of Alberta , As a Dr, you and Shandro should know the kids are suffering they will never be normal they are being treated like animals out of these children will be scarred for life, Some mentally and some physically. I have seen pictures in school yards were the kids are 6 feet apart placed in chalk boxes and not allowed to speak or play with the classmates, This makes me sick ,, You have mostly hurt our children and our elderly, the elderly including my mother have had their 2 shots and you are still locking them up you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, My. Mother is 82 with onset dementia she needs to see her children and Grandchildren it is all she has left. We have not been able to see her in over 6 months…It is absolutely Devastating
Lockdowns have caused suicide and mental health issues all in the hopes of helping the PM to reach his global reset! It absolutely disgusts me. It comes down to you.
Our economy is devastated but that would not affect you has you have given up nothing.
This Disease as you know as a 99% recovery rate not different than the flu, The fear mongering is not working any long for a lot of Albertans..
You should resign from your positions
We have seen numerous picture of hospitals that are empty ! why the pretence?
The lockdown is an unprecedented violation of our rights and freedoms, taking away our freedoms is anything but lawful.
The Quarantine hotels….. do not get me started! Locking people in these places against their will is unlawful, criminal and disgusting to sy the least., people being raped, underfed and not allowed to leave the room, how would you react to these places If it were you or a loved one who had been raped,, my guess is you would want them shut down. If you put yourself in these peoples shoes what would you do ?
Are you prepared to share your pay cheque with the thousands you have put out of work… or at least pay their mortgages so they do not end up living on the streets…
For the life of me I cannot understand why you are doing this !