Enough and my Mom needs freedom

Dr Hinshaw!
My mom is in prison that you have erected and it has done nothing but almost destroy them. They want their freedoms that they paid dearly for their whole lives and you are destroying them. We all want our freedoms. We are not China which I found out had no vaccines and has no lockdowns because they are already a communistic country. Canada WILL NOT be communistic/socialistic in any shape way or form. The people are fighting back while you sit in your palace. You have never cared about the people and you have never even been elected. You are a paid puppet along with our federal government and Health Canada. Enough is enough! You are all being exposed for all the hidden things and true justice will be served. I almost feel sorry for you cause there is a price to pay whether it looks like it or not whether in this world or the next which would be hell for those who do not repent of their evil agenda. None of us care anymore about your rules or fines or even prison! And mom needs to be able to live free again so End all the lies and lockdowns. Forever.