Enough is Enough – We the people demand answers!!

Hi April,
Thanks for the email. The Provincial Board of Directors as well as the individual constituency associations provide a governance role for the association.
Your email would be more properly sent to your MLA or whichever MLA or group of MLA’s you feel appropriate as they are the body that legislates.
I will leave that with you.
Thanks again,
Ryan Becker President, Board of Directors United Conservative Party 780-285-1176 rbecker@unitedconservative.ca<mailto:rbecker@unitedconservative.ca>
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calgary.lougheed@assembly.ab.ca; jason.kenney@assembly.ab.ca; Jason Kenney <jkenney@unitedconservative.ca> Subject: Enough is Enough – We the people demand answers!!
Good Day,
I’m writing to determine your position as it pertains to the lockdown measures implemented the other day. My position is that our elected officials and health authorities, whether provincial or federal, have refused to provide scientific proof that supports these measures. For example, this government refuses to acknowledge that mask mandates cause harm and are not effective at preventing the spread of any respiratory disease, including covid. This government continues to ignore the fact that the covid recovery rate is close to 100%, thereby making any of these extreme measures unwarranted and unjustified. This government also continues to refuse to acknowledge that lockdown measures are causing more harm mentally, emotionally, physically and financially than covid ever could. As a person in your constituency, I wholeheartedly object to these lockdown measures and suspect many people in your constituency feel the same. So far, based on previous conversations we’ve had, the position you hold is that our health officials, who are not elected public servants are handling the situation appropriately however, their actions have no scientific or legitimate basis, their actions trample on our constitutional rights and freedoms and as such, must be opposed. Non-elected officials should not be in charge of creating or enacting laws – our elected leaders must represent their constituents and act on their behalf. Please provide direct answers to the following questions: 1. Do you acknowledge that the recovery rate of covid (depending on age) is close to 99% for the majority of people in society? Yes or No. If not, please provide data that supports the belief that the recovery rate is less than 99% 2. As the recovery rate of covid hovers close to 99% (depending on age), do you acknowledge that emergency measures are unnecessary? Yes or No. If no, please provide scientific data/studies that justify lockdown measures are required for a disease with a near 100% recovery rate. 3. Do you acknowledge that lockdown measures infringe on the constitutional freedoms and rights of Canadian citizens? Yes or No 4. Do you support laws, rules, regulations, etc. that override a citizen’s constitutional rights? Yes or No. If yes, please explain why. (Note: the idea that a public health emergency justifies the stripping of rights and freedoms is not an argument given the fact that the covid recovery rate is very high, that no written law can override our inalienable human rights and this government has not met the appropriate criteria to justify the emergency measures). 5. Do you acknowledge that lockdown measures cause more harm mentally, emotionally, physically and financially than covid, a disease with a near 100% recovery rate? Yes or No. If no, please provide statistics and data that prove lowdown measures are less harmful than covid. 6. While Costco, Walmart and other box stores enjoy the freedom to continue to conduct business, do you support the discriminatory actions taken against churches/religious organizations and small businesses as they pertain to lockdown measures? Yes or No. This week the police in Edmonton erected a chain-link fence around the GraceLife Church which override the inalienable rights of the people in their congregation. Do you support this act? Yes or No. If yes, please explain why you support laws that override the inalienable and constitutional rights of Canadian citizens. 7. Do you support the fact that non-elected officials have been given the power to implement laws that strip our constitutional rights and freedoms? Yes or No. If yes, please justify this position. 8. Do you acknowledge that the total number of overall deaths in 2020 was not significantly higher than in previous years? Yes or No. If, no, please provide data that supports your belief. 9. Covid mostly impacts the elderly. Do you support the concept of quarantining and masking healthy individuals? Yes or No. If yes, please explain why that is and provide data/evidence that supports this as an effective means for combating a disease that only impacts the elderly.
10. Do you support the province using vaccination levels as a means for lifting restrictions? Based on their announcement it looks as though the dictators will allow children to go back to school normally if the majority of them are vaccinated. This is an unconscionable and vile move. Yes or No 10. Do you support vaccine passports? Yes or No. 11. Do you support quarantine camps/hotels? Yes or No. If yes, please explain why you hold this position. 12. Do you acknowledge that your role is to listen to your constituents and act in ways that represent their needs, opinions and views. Yes or No. I appreciate direct answers to these questions as your answers will determine if your position is in line with my own. Sincerely,
A very frustrated Albertan!!!