Dear Premier Kenney and Dr Hinshaw
I am writing to convey to you my utter disappointment and actually disgust in what you are doing to our province with these excessive lockdowns. It is unbelievable that we are still at this point a year later. I have a few nurse friends who at beginning of Covid said it was totally different at the hospital then what was being said by you and the media on TV. I am not saying Covid isn’t real but with a 99. something recovery rate for most people, the fear mongering is so unnecessary. I had to go to emergency at the Misericordia early December. It was totally empty. I took a picture. Someone posted same hospital few weeks later and empty again. Have seen videos and pictures from all across Canada where this is happening. A letter someone received in AB about ICU stats show admissions were less in 2020 were less than the four previous years.
I know a doctor from Edmonton and he is so done. He said they are scared to speak up for fear of losing their job. He said there is a study from McGill (of course “fact checkers” have now said it’s false) that if people were given ivermectin and another drug (forget the name he said) it would bring down hospital stays by 90% and if people received these drugs right away total recovery. Why aren’t we told about these drugs? People should be told if they’re feeling sick they can go and pick up at every pharmacy. He also said these drugs are so cheap and so y’all aren’t making the billions from pushing this vaccine.
Why are we not told about all the deaths because people can’t or are too scared to get the tests they need to show cancer etc. Another nurse friend told me a few months ago there were many suicide attempts in one night. Many of them are young teenagers, one as young as eight. There are going to be more continued suicides, drug overdoses as people are losing their life savings and businesses. It’s beyond disgusting what you are doing! Open up and let the ones that are scared stay home and triple mask if they want to. Premier Kenney you mentioned something earlier about how Cuomo was doing it right in New York. We know now how he killed thousands willingly and woman coming forward about his disturbing behaviour. Maybe you should use Kristi Noem or Ron Desantis as your model instead. The republicans are doing away with their mask mandates and opening everything up. Covid will just disappear because no one is scaring them to death. WHO even said the PCR tests are faulty. I am sure you know that too.
You are now pushing the vaccine. Hundreds are dying around the world and getting injured, hundreds of miscarriages. Most people don’t know this because they don’t research. They just listen to you. Look up the group VACCINE INJURY STORIES on Facebook and see. These are not conspiracy theories.
Also, very disheartened about Pastor Coates still being in jail for a few more months before his trial. He knows the research (read the statement on their church page) and knows you are lieing to the public. You’ve let out rapists but keep him in jail. You say you can’t do anything but I am sure you can. Dirty judges and lawyers. Believe we are seeing Isaiah 5:20 come to fruition “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
Have been such a hard time Premier Kenney because I heard you say you were against the Great reset but your actions have proven otherwise. You apologized for first lockdown and not two weeks later have allowed it for months.
You are causing such friction between family members and friendships and sadly all these relationship losses are based on lies. Please end this craziness.
Renae Heltman