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AFLDS FRONTLINE FORUM: THE YEAR THAT DISAPPEARED Join us virtually for our first ever FRONTLINE FORUM Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 5pm PT, on Clubhouse



<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5147.1.21ec9b3740e98c3cca4a8566cb1abfe0> AFLDS FRONTLINE FORUM: THE YEAR THAT DISAPPEARED


<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5149.1.aa134006dd77bdf7bfe887a1dd5c79a0> Join us virtually for our first ever FRONTLINE FORUM Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 5pm PT, on Clubhouse by CLICKING HERE.
You will have the opportunity to listen to the doctors engage in real-time discussion about all events that have occurred in the past year and ask your questions directly through Clubhouse.


<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5150.1.ebd451a5397dee961daa4314743fa98a> Major Decision in Connecticut School Mask Lawsuit

Many thanks to our very own Dr. Mark McDonald who submitted testimony towards a legal challenge to the Connecticut governor’s mask mandate for schoolchildren headed by the Connecticut Freedom Alliance. In this case the judge ruled against the governor deciding that the governor exceeded his authority.
“Judge Moukawsher realizes the very real danger of history repeating itself in present-day Connecticut and America, remarking that “… American law has bent far too low in lesser winds. Far lesser crises have seen us toss aside until better times the legal values we claim to hold most dear. And if we enjoy our rights only in better times, they aren’t doing us much good. It’s only when leaders evolve into masters and masters transform into tyrants that we regret losing the means to keep them in check in the ways enshrined in our founding legal documents. And by then it is too late.” <sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5151.1.8910d96c5d24f272cfdb4ea9905197e7> Read the full article here.


<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5152.1.8db1d4eba1cc8d39fb22df7b21a5a085> Masks Don’t Work – A Review of Science Relevant to Covid-19 Social Policy

Denis Rancourt, PhD
Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. <sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5153.1.d737772ef838c67e4c8c6f33164427ca> Read full article here.


<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5154.1.fd2651a7822086b20ad889b25ce31084> Masks: The Science & Myths


“I have been a surgeon all my life, and until now, until 2020, I have never heard that masks made a difference in viral transmission.” -Dr. Lee Merritt
“Masks don’t control viruses. They control you.” -Dr. Lee Merritt
<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5156.1.2b8f3bb87bd6b45f81e7c874204ec776> Click here to watch the full video.


<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5157.1.6f693f4e19fe04303e1526911fed2a6f> LifeSite News: Unmasking COVID-19 Conference Video

Uncertainty reigns in the general population right now, specifically surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and lockdowns. Our friends at LifeSite recently organized an online conference to find and share the truth about these controversial issues: Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health.
With COVID-19 being used as a pretense for isolating us, pushing mandatory vaccines, and so much more, it is more important than ever to be informed by science and the facts. AFLDS gladly recommends LifeSite’s video conference.
Please <sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5158.1.080274b1e668b5bc2a84e76a76474c13> CLICK HERE to REGISTER, and then consider sharing this important information with your family and your friends.


Life Is Too Short To Not Stand


Had I been caught again with my mask below my nose, I would have been escorted off the plane; I had been firmly warned by the flight attendant. Sitting in the middle row, I draped my jacket over my head in order to lower my mask and breathe without being seen. I knew that I must not be removed from the airplane; my travel is necessary to continue my fight for truth and freedom. Rod Stewart’s version of Forever Young was playing on auto-repeat through my earbuds in my focused attempt to reconnect with my soul.
To force human beings to muzzle their face with a layer of cloth under the pretense that we are protecting against a virus with a >99% survival rate for most people is a mechanism of social and psychological control, and if we are to retain our sovereignty and identity, we must reject the oppression. We are in an existential battle for freedom.
Under my jacket tent I reflected upon an encouraging sentiment shared with me by a fellow warrior: I am Abraham, standing alone against the world in a battle for freedom and truth. To be Abraham is not a choice; it’s a calling felt deep inside our soul. First it might be experienced as a mild nag. Over time it grows increasingly more insistent. It cannot be ignored. It is incumbent upon us each to harness that feeling and channel it towards fighting to restore freedom in our hearts and in our nation.
I had cried enough tears and was sufficiently prepared to don my mask and emerge from my jacket tent, ready to take the next step in the battle. As the blast of sunlight shining through the airplane window met my eyes, I squinted. The bag of magic markers on the tray-table beside me caught my attention. A beautiful woman in the seat next to me had been coloring. Upon closer examination I could see that the page she colored read, “Life is Too Short To Not Stand”, and I smiled. I exited the plane knowing that we are many Abrahams, standing together. Humanity wins when we all remember that Life Is Too Short To Not Stand.


<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5159.1.97d0704b663123906e8716f830d1f2cc> AFLDS In The News

<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5160.1.0cbbb1a4c3636d03411c409243e222d0> Shelley Cole, MD, board certified OBGYN and Medical Director for America’s Frontline Doctors



Sign and share the <sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5162.1.5c82c01fa7a19047d4d2cae85a02aeba> StopMedicalDiscrimination.org petition. AFLDS will take our collective voice represented by 1M signatures to corporations and show them that we will not consent.
Copy the <sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5163.1.795ded2983d8182e211cda43d00c4853> Vaccine Bill of Rights from our website, and send it to your state representative expressing your concern about forced experimental injections.



<sable.madmimi.com/c/351381?id=2600219.5165.1.b6366d6fbf6f2683bda0c687083a9f53> See Your Favorite AFLDS Physicians In The First Documentary About 2020
The Seeing 2020 movie producers will donate $2 for every movie purchase to America’s Frontline Doctors!







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