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breakthrough C0VID cases completely unreported

I can only imagine the stockpile of data that the CDC is hiding that we never see.

Some of it I’m sure is deliberately kept buried, some will have to be pried from their hands, and some they “release”.

But to find the truth of what’s really going on requires some digging.

Since the start of the global push to “put shots in arms”, millions have wondered how effective these shots are.

…And if getting the shot means you can return back to normal life.

There’s finally some data that helps answer some of your questions.

The CDC has released new information on what they call “breakthrough cases”. Those are people who are vaccinated for C0VID and end up contracting the virus anyway.

As of last posting, there are 7,157 people who are now considered “breakthrough cases”.

What they then emphasize immediately is the explanation of how many millions have received the v@ccine, seemingly implying that virtually none have experienced any ill effect.

The spin seems to result in a quick conclusion that these small numbers of cases deserve no attention, the only numbers that matter are new cases to add to the fearmongering while supporting the continued need for public health mandates and the growing number of “shots in arms”.

It appears that any information outside of that is inconsequential.

Also mentioned in that data is that of those 7,157 people, 88 ended up dying from the virus.

Curiously, it does specify that 64% of the cases are women.

Lastly, the report does clarify one key detail. The CDC does acknowledge that these numbers are collected by state health departments and volunteered to the CDC. It could be very reasonable to suspect that this data is being underreported. How much? At this point, it’s impossible to say.

You can see the full report <229.mp2201.com/a/229/click/9362693/743566056/_bcb91d6c389909334387d23af471e4f544b56f14/1898b50e189b7b388559f28b092d06f66d90bbf2> HERE.

Numbers are updated every Friday. This report was first published on April 15th so the data is quite new. It will be interesting to see how it changes moving forward.

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