Fw: The Cost of Lockdowns

________________________________ From: Jim Zdril Sent: May 5, 2021 3:19 PM To: premier@gov.ab.ca <premier@gov.ab.ca>; health.minister@gov.ab.ca <health.minister@gov.ab.ca>; Edmonton-City Centre <Edmonton.CityCentre@assembly.ab.ca> Subject: The Cost of Lockdowns
I just want to thank Mr. Kenney, the Health Minister, my MLA Mr. Shepherd, and especially our chief medical officer, Ms. Hinshaw, for bringing down the hammer and forcing all Albertans–especially the “unhinged” ones– to live under the new covid restrictions, all of which will do so much to add to the quality of life for all Albertans.
Thanks to you:
* The number of youth who will either end up in hospital after a suicide attempt (a number which has already tripled under covid 19) will increase, as will the number of those beautiful youth who will succeed, and end up in the morgue www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/pandemic-safety-measures-children-teen-health-impact-1.5953326
* Thousands of Alberta of youth will suffer even more from Anxiety, Depression, OCD symptoms, Substance Abuse Disorder, Anorexia and Eating Disorders, ADHD, online sexual abuse and bullying, and even PTSD symptoms. www.psycom.net/coronavirus-mental-health * 80,000 children K-6 will now be forced to stay home and will also have to deal with the fear and uncertainty in their lives due to your lockdown restrictions. Even though study after study has shown that for children that age, Covid is no more harmful than the flu. And not ONE child that age has died from Covid in Alberta. NOT ONE. Yet you are more than willing to: * punish the working parents of these children, who must now scramble to find someone to look after them, with the likely consequence that at least one of them will have to stop working.
* There will once again be a huge spike in unemployment and in the ensuing financial anxiety it will cause for thousands of would-be employees and the owners of small businesses. How many more small businesses will go broke, do you think? * The already crippling provincial debt will get even worse, so that those very youth you say you care so much for will have to pay it all off some day * And finally (for now), a word about your completely misguided decision to close schools. Again, study after study–which you choose to ignore–all based on sound and robust examination of the data, show that the cost of closing schools is far worse than keeping them open. albertapressleader.ca/?p=31825 www.orilliamatters.com/letters-to-the-editor/letter-most-children-can-return-to-school-safely-experts-say-2672232
What is most deplorable in all of this is your wilful ignorance on the fact that lockdowns, though they may have a minimal impact on the spread, do far more harm than good, financially, socially, psychologically, and even in terms of mortality. This one article alone, if you would get past your own stubborn biases and look at the other side of the issue, would be enough to convince you that lockdowns were a horrible idea from the start. torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/canadian-experts-research-finds-lockdown-harms-are-10-times-greater-than-benefits
I actually do not know why I am doing this. You won’t listen, and you won’t read. Your wilful ignorance is impregnable.
Mr. Kenny and Mr. Shepherd, I am willing to concede that you mean well, and are, tragically, innocent dupes surrounded by smug and self-satisfied ‘experts’ who think their position on covid is the only one, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding and vilified. I especially lay the blame at the feet of Hinshaw, who is supposed to be on the leading edge of all relevant and recent research–but who so evidently is not. I cannot even bear to listen to her any more. Her narrow, myopic, and outdated view of Covid verges on being criminally irresponsible.
The number of deaths from Covid have radically diminished since January. Your own provincial government website shows that. The number of cases mean little compared to the all-important mortality numbers, yet Hinshaw et al continue to focus only on cases–99.8% of which will lead to recovery.
Allow me to make a prediction. Hospitals and ICU’s will not be over-run in the coming weeks. Not because restrictions will have made one iota of a real difference, but because the most vulnerable (ages 70 and up particularly) are being protected, the young are nearly invulnerable to the virus, and simply and wonderfully: because it is spring, with summer fast approaching. And covid 19, like all other similar flu viruses, will begin to diminish, all on its own, quite naturally.
What a waste the restrictions are. What a disaster.
But keep on bullying and threatening those of us who know the truth. The truth always comes at a cost, and we are ready to pay it. You may have to save a whole lot of jail cells similar to the one you have for that brave pastor from Stony Plain!
Sincerely, Jim Zdril