FW: Your Sunday message to the public

Deena Hinshaw you and AHS have absolutely no scientific facts or proof nor does anyone else in the world that wearing masks and socially distancing prevents anyone from getting or not getting CV-19. In fact it’s far more likely that wearing a mask is making us sick or continuing this “covid” cycle. Countries that have never locked down or never enforced a mask mandate are doing far better than ones who have mask mandates!! Why is that Doctor Hinshaw? Explain the science in that?
In fact we’re being told that these Experimental vaccines will not make us immune to CV-19 or any of it’s variants and that people will still have to wear masks and social distance. That tells me that the lock downs will continue forever.
All vaccines are reporting adverse affects but YOU a “doctor” and your cohorts are forcing Canadians to take these “vaccines”. You are taking away our Charter of Rights and Freedoms for something that you cannot prove and that has only a death rate of .003%.
I’m not sure why so many people are stupid enough to believe the propaganda that you spread every day/week on TV. Why they don’t look at the numbers and see that this is not a pandemic by any stretch of the imagination.
You disgust me. Covid killed very few. I hope that the truth comes out soon and Canadians can see that you and your cohorts have caused a lot more death by these imposed lockdowns and mask mandates than covid ever has or will.
Leanne Anderson