Grace Life Church

Good Afternoon …..
I wanted to express my disbelief and outrage to what is happening at GRACE LIFE CHURCH. Once again AHS and Dr. Deena Henshaw have displayed contempt for the average citizen here in Alberta. Your continued abuse of our rights is appalling. With your blatant lies surrounding the facts of the virus, your constant misrepresentation of the actual data, your censorship of the truth that contradicts your narrative, the illogical, illegal and hypocritical mandates that you have taken over the course of the past year has proved over and over again that you have not been honest and definitely do not have the health, safety or well being of any Albertans in mind. Your agenda is very clear and the tyrannical measures taken at the GRACE LIFE CHURCH is an embarassement to this province and this country.
At this point, I believe that your resignations are warranted. This is not only my opinion but is one held by many Albertans that have seen through your deceptions and misrepresentations over the course of the past year. The medical malpractice that you have displayed by refusing the availability of therapeutics that actually work against Covid viruses. The hypocracy of violating your medical oaths while making your decisions should be grounds for your terminations….and is actually is long over due.
Garry Leonhardt