Grace Life church

Premier Jason Kenney, all MLA’s, Deena Hinshaw, RCMP, and especially Alberta Health Services should be so ashamed of their actions and inactions on the part of those who consider themselves Christian. Lots of people call themselves Christians but they are not True Believers or followers of GOD’S commandments and word which completely trump the illegal mandates of unelected health officials.

All of this stupidity over a virus from which 99.997% of people recover, and have built up their own anti-bodies; and, only .003% die. It is a fact that all of us will die one day and the possibility that these people would have died regardless of CV-19 is very likely. We all hurt when we loose loved ones. But, the fact is, more people are dying from other diseases, suicide and from the fear mongering of the media and government. Some are so afraid that they won’t even go to a hospital or doctor.

You are all guilty of these deaths and you should all be held accountable for them.

The government and the media are guilty of terrorism on a scale never seen in Canada before.

If AHS and Deena Hinshaw have the authority to do the criminal things that they have done, then citizens should be able to have them arrested, put in prison and have their homes double fenced with security to keep their families out too.

Premier Kenney, you have abdicated your elected representative power and have delegated it to non-elected “health” professionals. You should resign immediately, since you refuse to represent the people who elected you.

Your actions are criminal under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Government has never cared about the health of civilians before and most of us know that this virus has been politicized because the Globalists who want to bring in the One World Order under the Agenda of the WEF, WHO, UN, and all those that gather at Davos Switzerland every January. Most every government leader in the world has said they are using CV-19 as an opportunity to bring in the Great Economic Reset, which is just another way of saying “We’re bringing in World Wide Communism/Nazism/Socialism” which are all the same ideology of all the isms.

Jason Kenney and UCP you are done in our books. There is nothing conservative nor grass roots about you at all. Communist China at work right here in Alberta.

You are an embarrassment to true Canadians!

It is so shameful. Premier Kenney, you have lost all credibility and the NDP and the Devil are laughing.

Who is the church? Not the building; the people are!

The times of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler are here. The book of Revelations is coming into fulfilment right now.

I’ve always been proud to be a Canadian and especially an Albertan, but not any more.
Never in my life did I ever think that I would see Canada, and especially Alberta, turn into Nazi Germany with Gestapo police, East German Stasi, or USSR NKVD.

Wayne Hansen