GraceLife Church

Good Morning,
What the Government of Alberta has done to GraceLife Church is an utter disgrace, you have made yourselves and the government of Alberta into the laughing stock of the world. Canada is not a third world country, but you have trampled the churches guaranteed Charter Rights without thought. You have broken the Criminal Code section 176, I am confident that many Canadians are bringing this point up to you. Because you don’t like people walking out their freedoms does not give you the right to behave like you are running a dictatorship. People across the globe are talking about this, it’s not going to go away. Take responsibility for your complete overreach and remove the fencing and allow the church to conduct it’s God given right of ministering to their parishioners.
As for the fence company they should be totally ashamed of themselves. Their conduct is the same as what happened in Nazi Germany. And they cannot use the excuse that they were just doing their job. I expect to see their revenue drop substantially as they get blacklisted for their conduct. Perhaps there is a lesson here for the business to take a lesson in Constitutional and Charter Rights guaranteed to Canadians.
Jennifer McLintock Maple Ridge, B.C. A Very Concerned Canadian Citizen
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