Good afternoon Dr. Deena Hinshaw,
I have thought about this long and hard. I am writing on behalf of my daughter and the graduates of Holy Redeemer High School and other schools that are in the in limbo of Celebration of the students and their hard work.
School is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging, stressful and demanding. Those that have achieved the credit, including my daughter has woke up early, and stayed up late studying for tests and writing papers and putting in the time to get homework checks completed.
As a very active parent and volunteer in my kids school. I have seen these kids push through the unimaginable during COVID Lockdowns. They were experiments themselves as the school tried to build programs and literature to accommodate the online learning community. This was only successful if the teachers put in the time to grow with the learning curve for them also. As we had found, some kids were learning at their own pace. Being self taught, or just not attending class at all in at home environments.
Graduation isn’t just a party. It is something that should be honored. It is a milestone that should be celebrated in honor of one of the biggest and proudest accomplishments in their life.
The high school graduates of 2021 are celebrating more than just a decade of hard work. The students have put in the time and effort to complete the unthinkable in 2019 and 2020-2021 school year. The students have endured emotional and physical changes through the developing years of an adult. The extracurricular activities were abolished that should have created memories that reflected how they would close off the year as they moved into the world as a young adult. The passions were lost when lock downs prevented the additional programs that would have lead our children to find destiny in their graduation year.
Graduation is not just for the students that worked so hard for. The parents have supported these children all the way and would like to see recognition as a parent given to our children. Siblings are among them, older or younger. They have been pulled, pushed and been drug along this journey who have provided encouragement in the development years of the Graduates, my daughter.
With the current restrictions, our Edson Holy Redeemer Catholic School have been shot down immediately to any Graduation ceremonies. As a committee we had made a request to have a Grad Parade, but due to the restrictions that do not allow us to gather in outdoor or indoor facilities, this was not allowed. To top it off we were enlightened by the school that in order for the graduate to walk across the stage to and receive the diploma and the commencement of the tassel moved that signifies the recognition will only be done in the gymnasium with ten people. The Principal, Vice Principle, the videographer, photographer, two graduates and two invited guests of the grad for the two graduates. So with that being said. How many families have split homes and have been cohorts of both with parents and siblings? These children have all gone to school together and endured countless hours in class rooms. Are they not cohorts among themselves?
On behave of myself as a graduating parent and other parents.
Please lets show that we can come together and allow are dedicated graduates a celebration and commemorate their achievements.
They are our future.
Sincerely, Parent of a graduate
Tania Fawcett 780-712-1651