Thank you to all the UCP members who are standing up to represent all the people who are sick and tired of the UCP’s and NDP’s continuous fear mongering, and just can’t get enough of masking, lockdowns and the likes. Seems to me none of these measures have worked in the past, so there they are just using the same old, same old. The problem with almost all politicians is that they lack wisdom. I’m not sure where the decision makers are getting their so called expert advice, but you can be sure it is not from anyone who knows how to have a healthy and vibrant life.

Now tell me this, if your body is already sick, how is putting on a mask, or taking a vaccine, supposed to make you healthy? Instead of spending billions of dollars promoting sickness and fear, why not just spend a few dollars on telling people who to keep themselves healthy? Obviously this government doesn’t know what makes a person healthy. We all die, you do know that, yes? That’s step no. 1. You do know that what you put into your body, is step no. 2. Like fruits, vegetables, exercise? Step no. 3 is keeping our air, food, and water supply clean and toxin/pesticide free. 4. Having enough money to keep a roof over your head and not having your business or liveliehood threatened or shut down. That should get you started in thinking healthfully.