Why on earth are you telling Canadians what to do when you have no experience in the health and welfare of us. You and the government including Trudeau are killing the seniors who fought for this land you call home. Children are being denied social activity, people walking around in face masks that there is no proof they work against this so called flu. All the people committing suicide, seniors dying from lack of family, I could go on. I think it’s time you rethink what your telling people and start telling the truth. There is no COVID it’s a flu, also your not competent to do this role so you should resign. This is suppose to be Canada the land of the free. Well where is it. Lockdowns, quarantine, vaccines with no proof they work, small business closing, family’s going hungry and losing everything they own, vaccines killing people. It’s time for you and the government to put the lies to bed It is time to tell the truth. I list my mother in long term care, I never got to see her I didn’t get to say goodbye. Would you like to do this with your mother. I’m not able to wear a mask but the nazi have it drilled into their heads they work. Sorry they don’t. I’m sick of all the lies your pushing. I’m pushing for my Canada back
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