Lockdown and measures

Honorable MLA Sonya Savage, et al I have spent the past 10 days combing through all of my research and information that I have gathered since January, 2020 with respect to Covid-19. Reconciling that I, along with hundreds of others, are handing information over to Lawyers to give them enough credible evidence to sue your asses off for your massive betrayals to Albertans has been the toughest part of this exercise. Coming to terms with the fact that my own Government would sooner see people, with whom they were entrusted with their best interests at heart, suffer multiple levels of despair because of your actions not supported by any scientific evidence, has left me despondent, but not hopeless. I have the truth on my side. There is a silver lining. Strangers are joining forces by the thousands to stand up against what is clearly Government tyranny. I belong to several groups one, that went from 1500 just over a week ago, to over 5,000 people. That’s after a survey was circulated amongst Albertans who spoke out loud and clear about the lockdowns and the massive disapproval of the actions of this Government. Over 40,000 Albertans spoke out. But you and your ‘compadres’ continue to ignore the voices of The People with whom you serve. You seem to forget that you work for us. We are not your compliant slaves. These are troubling times. I have nothing to lose. The people I care the most for, have fallen for the b.s. propaganda of the vaccines and have made the choice to participate in this experiment. My prayers for them are constant. But they willingly made their choice. And now I am willingly making mine to let you know that I have nothing but disdain for you and the United Conservative Party, who once represented my values. But no longer. You have sold us out and thrown ‘free loving’ Albertans under the bus for something that is not based in any science, but purely in agenda driven propaganda. Your masks have come off. We know who you are. I am a God fearing Christian woman who believes that sunlight is the best disinfectant to expose those who wish to operate under the guise of ‘we’re all in this together’ and ‘for the greater good’ mantra’s while so many suffer. You have lost the meaning of what Canada stands for. ‘Free North Strong and Free’. Clearly just words on a page for you and nothing else. Your ‘moral panic’ is a psychosis. Your inability to see the bigger picture makes ALL of you unfit for Office. Justice will be served one way or another. That I am 100% sure of. We are a kind, peaceful, polite and loving people who have been pushed to the brink and will do all we can to legally ensure our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms are protected. The truth will set us free. That, I am also 100% assured of. Deanna