I just turned 61 yesterday and still have not gotten a vaccine for covid. I absolutely refuse to take any vaccine other than the Modetna vaccine. Are you planning on making us individuals wait another 4 years or re you going to stop dictictating and discriminating based on our age.
You will never be able to convince me that the others are safe for me as they are not! Blood clots have killed people in my family and I would rather not risk it.
It’s bad enough you’re forcing us to risk getting covid by not allowing us a choice.
The only reason I will not accept the Pfizer vaccine is because my doctor is already concerned about my potassium levels being too high.
I was taught to believe we had freedom of choice in this country.
You need to allow us to get vaccinated with what we are comfortable accepting so we in turn can help stop the spread. Otherwise your ahs rules are totally useless.
An honest answer would be nice. Don’t bother answering with political rhetoric.
Thank you, Lawrence
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