Rules Investigations

 I was surprised to hear on the News tonight that inspectors are not doing rounds to make sure rules are being followed. This is St. Patrick’s Day and the bars and patios are full of revellers. It may be that the restaurants and bars are obeying the lower capacity, but to watch the patrons celebrating, there did not appear to be any social distancing and few masks. I would be willing to bet that the people at the tables inside are also not from one household. I do not want to deny these people their fun, but there are many others like ourselves who are watching from home wishing they could get together with friends and family for a meal, but don’t because the rules say not to. If rules are going to be made they simply have to be policed and to advertise on TV that no inspectors are out looking for violations, simply invites those who don’t want to follow the rules to go ahead and break them. We are never going to get our case numbers down with this behaviour, especially with the new variants which seem to be running rampant. In order to maintain credibility, it is incumbent upon the Province to show that it is serious about the restrictions it feels necessary to enact and get the inspectors to do their jobs and assess fines. Then make sure they are paid and stop rescinding them. All that does is chip away at that credibility and the rule breakers laugh all the way to their next violation. Until the next lockdown which seems inevitable if things don’t change. Andrea Olsen