Step down

Ms Hinshaw
I have listened to your speeches for the last year. And considering the fact that I nor anyone else did not vote for you, you should not be guiding this province in any way. Have you been bribed? It seems to me you are not using any science in your decisions! The science of masking is such that they do not work. The models were wrong and yet you will not admit it
Then there is the Flatten the Curve…for a whole year you have spouted this sentence. Now we have flattened the curve…and HERE WE SIT.
States, and countries all over the world, have opened up and now have gotten back to LIFE. Your life has barely changed. Has your pay changed? Of course not. Nor has the pay cheque of any politician. Yet you sit on your high horse and tell us to stay at home, to lock down to take a hit for the team. You have not been IN THIS TOGETHER. I am ashamed of you and all politicians.
I have lost my job/left my job due to not being able to deal with the mental health aspect of myself with the restrictions. I am not afraid of Covid. I know my immune system will cope, as well as over 95% of people’s immune system. Yet you and our government have taken the power of shutting us all down. You have RUINED the lives of millions of people. SHAME ON YOU.
And just so you know, DEENA, you are accountable for your actions. When things make their way to the court systems or the systems of the people, you will be accountable. You and all the leaders of this country and world.
Shame on you!
A. Weaver