Dr. Hinshaw and Mr. Kenney,
I am writing to you again over my continued concern for the well being and livelihood of myself, my family and all Albertans.
As an individual who has always taken care of my health and well being naturally I find this blatant disregard for my intelligence and freedoms unacceptable. Let us have the choice to make our own decisions. Other states and countries are open for business but you still want to keep us under lock and key. For what? Control? Did you sell us out?
It is obvious lockdowns don’t work or they would have worked by now. Your continued push to lock down the people of Alberta is immoral. I am well aware of the PCR cycle thresholds of 40-45 that are being used to get the pandemic ball rolling and that you base your cases on. I am also aware that this is set way too high and the PCR test was never intended to be used for this purpose. If the CT tests were correctly set to 24 this would have very few infected people, leaving our province open for business and people not living in fear of a fake virus. Your continual scare tactics and constant propaganda is scaring some people who just want to live their lives, who trust the government to take care of their best interests and who agree to the lockdowns just to get it over with so they can get back to normal. Truth is this is the new normal. Your continued denials, changing of the goal posts and agreeing to a hidden agenda is not welcome any longer.
I am aware the COVID-19 virus has never been proven to be isolated and without this there is no way a vaccine could be made to fight it. What exactly is the purpose of the vaccine? Control? Hidden agenda? I cannot understand why so many people are agreeing to take a vaccine that has a survival rate of 99% and that:
1. Does not have FDA approval 2. Did not pass clinical trials 3. Does not have any long term safety or efficacy data 4. Protects manufacturers of the vaccine against any liability if someone is hurt or killed 5. That after taking the vaccine you still have to wear a mask 6. That does not make you immune to COVID
I will never agree to take a vaccine for these reasons and I will never agree to a vaccine passport that makes me being vaccinated a preference for me to live my life. What are the long term effects of this vaccine? Do you even know? Do you even care? Why are we not using our God given immune system to fight off a virus that is no different than a seasonal flu? Why are you not recommending healthy lifestyles and vitamins as well as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for prevention and treatment?
How can we begin to put a value on the fear, devastation, loss of freedoms, friendships and lives lost? I refuse to let you or any other level of government try to manipulate me or the future of my children and grandchildren. I will continue to stand up for what is good and right, fair and honest. I refuse to watch TV, especially the news as none of you can be trusted to tell the truth. Your continual bombardment of scare tactics is disgusting. Your refusal to acknowledge those surveys that do not shine light on your agenda is disgraceful. Your surveys are bogus.
I have attached the Alberta Opinion Survey so you can read the results from an honest survey. Do you hear us yet? We are done with the lockdowns and we are not backing down.
I urge you to return individual responsibility for our own health. Let it be our choice to wear a mask, stay at home if we are sick, to get a vaccine or not. Stop these ridiculous lockdowns that do not work and let the people of Alberta live again.
Bernadette Vankosky

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