Surgery SHUT Downs

I am very disturbing to hear that Jason Kenny and Health Ministers are stopping surgery because of the Chinese Corona virus and all its variants,  that you allowed into Alberta in the first place and did nothing to STOP the thousands of international air travelers, allowed into Canada ( Alberta) spreading Covid for over 1 year and nothing was done until it was too late. You allowed, this Chinese Corona Virus, to become a problem, it is today.Now you are playing GOD with people’s lives who need life saving surgery but are being denied. These health ministers Tyler Shandro and CMO Dr. Deena Hinshaw are now playing the ANGLE OF DEATH, your deadly experimenting on people who need life saving operations, saying who can and can not be operated on. You are selecting victims to die, by not allowing people to get life saving operation,  because you caused and created this problem that you allowed its spread. You are truly acting like a Josef Mengele in 2021 and it is truly shameful, disgusting, showing complete incompetence and should be held accountable for their actions that will result in the deaths of people waiting for life saving surgeries. STOP playing GOD, STOP playing the ANGLE  of DEATH and the all your tyrannical behaviors (prosecution of Christians). How many people have committed SUICIDE in Alberta, deaths due to drug overdoses, deaths due government shutting down, access to life saving surgeries,  as a result of governments restrictions because of the Chinese Corona virus? My guess is more them all covid19 deaths.Instead of playing the ANGLE OF DEATH, why are these incompetent people not solving the problem? How about setting up a Military Field Hospital,  bring in ICU health nurses from the Military or from other provincial Hospitals, or ICU nurses from the USA/Philippines (Military/Hospitals), Field Hospital, Hotels Hospitals, Patient Hotels etc. DO SOMETHING that will not stop people from getting their life saving operations. Not asking for help, is a weakness in leadership and incompetence.Alberta has 106 acute care hospitals, five stand-alone psychiatric facilities, 8,515 acute care beds, 27,774 continuing care beds/spaces and 256 community palliative and hospice beds, 2,785 addiction and mental health beds plus equity partnership in 41 primary care networks. Alberta has only 1.9 ICU Beds per 1000 which is shameful, irresponsible, and putting people lives at risk. The Chinese Corona virus death rate in Alberta is only 1.1% . There is only 143 cases in ICU as of April 28, you are playing GOD.LEARN FROM OTHERS:Taiwan got it right on how to deal with the Chinese Corona virus,  since the Pandemic started, a population of 23 million people has only had 597 cases and 7 deaths. Our incompetent health ministers could learn a lot from Taiwan. RULE ONE: DON’T LET THE VIRUS INTO YOUR COUNTRY IN THE FIRST PLACE. • When the Chinese Corona Virus first appeared in Wuhan, Taiwan send Doctors from Taiwan CDC to get a better understanding about what is going on, and 5 days later on January 20, 2020, the government decided immediately to setup & activate the Central Command.• TAIWAN DID NOT TRUST CHINA or the WHO. (Extremely WISE Judgment) Canada was extremely STUPID• TIGHT BORDER CONTROLS: Taiwan shut down its borders in March 2020, only allowing residents ONLY, has kept tight controls on entry points (Sea & Air). (Following rule #1)(2.71 million from China visit Taiwan in 2019)• Symptoms based surveillance of everyone entering by AIR & SEA. Travelers subjected to a 14 Day Quarantine after entering Taiwan and monitors by health authorities until safe from virus. (Monitored using cell phone)• Distribution of Face Masks, central distribution of face mask, insuring everyone had access to face mask. When the Chinese Corona virus started Taiwan stockpiled Taiwan made face mask and banned their export. Within 4 months, mask production went from 2 million to 20 million mask per DAY. Created a endless supply to its people, insuring HAND SANITIZER STOCKPILED • CONTACT TRACING  & QUARANTINE: Health officials have being able to link 20 to 30 contacts to each confirmed case on average. They were able to track about 150 contacts to 1 case. ALL CONTACTS must do a 14 Day Home Quarantine even if they tested negative for the Chinese Corona virus. • EXPERIENCE with PAST EPIDEMICS: Taiwan used history of past EPIDEMICS, that lead to there success (SARS in 2003 (wakeup call), Bird Flu, Swine Flu). Government has set up a Emergency Response Network for infectious diseases. The people are familiar with disease fighting habits like hand washing, hand sanitizer & Mask Wearing. Insuring the country has enough FACE MASK, HAND SANITIZER, ICU BEDS other medical equipment. (Canada removes history, they do not learn from it)• Taiwan continues to increase its ICU beds capacity, presently about 28.5 ICU beds/100000,  to better handle health crises in the future. (ICU beds in CANADA, non existing ranking 36 in the world)• MASSIVE CORONA VIRUS TESTING and constant temperature monitoring.• VERY CLEAR COMMUNICATION• High IQ matters, historical knowledge, good judgment and common sense, NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. What did Taiwan do right: • They DID NOT ALLOW THE Chinese Corona virus to spread into there country. • They did not have any shut downs, DID NOT SHUT DOWN THEIR ECONOMY destroying lives.They did NOT STOP live saving surgeries. • DID NOT Cause BUSINESS to Close permanently, causing financial ruin, bankruptcy and millions of job losses.• They did not destroy jobs that will never return and leaving our children with a very poor future. • They did not cause suicide rates / drug overdoses rates to sky rocket because of Corona virus restrictions.• They did not create massive amounts of DEBT, that will never be repaid, creating massive inflation and the cost of living to sky rocket forcing people into poverty.• They did not use political correctness to interfere with historical knowledge, good judgment and common sense. • They were not tyrannical. • TAIWAN WAS PREPARED FOR A HEALTH CRISIS.If I do not hear a response to this email. It will mean that our government does not care about the people of Alberta concerns who VOTED you into power and will not be voting for you in the future. The destruction of democracy, Freedoms and our Charter Rights, Constitutional Freedoms will not be tolerate. Incompetence can be removed.RickSent from my Galaxy