The pandemic hoax

Dear Dr. Hinshaw:
I thought of writing a long eloquent letter to you to point out the science regarding Covid, but after 11 plus months of repeated false information by yourself and others in the health industry, government and the media, I realize there is no point in discussing the scientific facts of the issue of Covid. I realize that you and the rest I mentioned don’t care about the science. This pre-planned pandemic hoax is all about ushering in the globalist agenda of the great reset, the one world government which you all deny, while at the same time broadcasting these goals. I don’t believe you and your cronies care the least amount about the health of the people of this province. The goal is to destroy the economy, food sources, cause de-population and have the people so desperate they will agree to anything, including the coming dictatorship of the one world government. How much money did you personally receive to support this cruel agenda? How much did Kenney and the rest of the globalist puppets receive for their support? How can you live with yourself. What you are doing equates to crimes against humanity and if you feel no shame, no guilt for what you are doing, then you have already lost your soul. Justice will be served to all those who took part in this great fraud. If not in this life, certainly in the afterlife. Enjoy your torment in the hell you have created, as the people of Alberta are currently suffering in this hell on earth, that you are directly complicit in and responsible for. You and the rest of the supporters and enablers of this agenda disgust me. I pray for justice for all, yours will not be kind.