The same amount of people are going to die from covid regardless of your suggested restrictions.

How how can you not know this as a fucking doctor? End the restrictions. People will die, yes- the same that die of the common flu and basically every other natural cause you people blame on covid.
Them, and us- regular people that you have oppressed with this shit, due to suicide and drug overdoses.
How can you not see that you people are making this so much worse?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I’m on the verge of suicide myself, you cunts wont let me work, I’m going to lose my home.
How can you, as a Doctor continue to let this let bullshit happen- and you fucking well this is all bullshit?
Shame on you. You should and will be sued for malpractice. If not, I’m sure you will what you deserve soon enough.
Go fuck yourself, you downs down syndrome looking narcissistic pile of shit, truly.
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