Whistle Stop Cafe

Hi Deena Hinshaw, so as you know, Chris Scott who is the owner of Whistle Stop Cafe decided to open his business so that he can feed his family. You should be helping those who own a local business, not attacking them. If you arrest Chris Scott and shut his cafe down, he will lose everything. As he is opening his business, he is doing so in a safe matter. Yet big box stores such as Walmart remain PACKED! Your attack on small businesses need to stop! You are kicking them when they are already down. Many more local business owners are going to open their doors, because that is what it is going to take for them to survive. The number of Suicides, Bankruptcies, and Drug overdoses clearly indicate that the restrictions are doing more way more harm than good. We are not going to be tolerating this much longer, it is time to open up! Thank You for taking my letter into consideration.
A concerned Albertan.