Why the provincial lockdown must end, from a concerned citizen

To Dr.Deena Hinshaw, I hope you are doing well, I realize the amount of stress and pressure on you has been immense. However I also believe there are legitimate concerns many Albertans have concerning the lockdown, which I will attempt to express in this email. I am writing this email as a concerned Albertan. I am a 21 year old young man, and am currently serving my country in the military reserves. I am serving on a local level at the volunteer fire department where I live in Cremona. As an individual concerned about the wellbeing of my community and country, I want to express my legitimate concerns about the adverse effects of the Covid-19 lockdowns. The lockdown instituted in the state of public emergency is an unprecedented violation of our charter of rights and freedoms. Exercising our freedoms is completely lawful. The government taking away our freedoms is anything but lawful. It has often been stated that these lockdown measures are intended for the preservation of life and livelihood. Ironically the lockdowns have done just the opposite.There has been a definite increase in deaths due to delayed medical treatment, delayed medical diagnoses, suicides, and drug overdoses. I have seen a noticeable increase in suicides first hand on my calls as a first responder. The lockdowns are destroying lives and livelihoods. The accumulated adverse effects in the realm of health, both mental and physical, economic vitality, domestic life, education, social interactions, ect. have vastly outweighed the harms of the virus. I fully realize the virus is a genuine issue that we need to adress, but on both a provincial and federal level there has been an extreme lack of due dilligence, wisdom, and scientific evidence backing up the approach that has been taken. We need to protect the most vulnerable, namely our elderly. Why lock down all of society when 90% of deaths are attributed to those over 70? We need to implement a game plan to protect the vulnerable, not lockdown all of society. I also believe a disservice is being commited against Canadians, as our rights and freedoms are blatantly being taken away. Our freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and mobility rights have been completely violated. We, the people, are losing faith in our government. I have countless friends and aquaintances who see the harms of the lockdowns. Is our country not a democracy? Should not the will of the people dictate the action of the government? Anti-lockdown rallies are happening all across Canada. Few have the courage to take a stand against this government tyranny but I believe there is a silent majority who are strongly opposed to the lockdowns. Our voice must be heard. Finally, I want to address a very pressing issue. The fact that Pastor James Coates, a man who was exercising his religious freedoms, was thrown in prison, is utterly reprehensible. We have freedom of religion and conscience in Canada, but both these freedoms were completely overlooked in his arrest. Look at the facts, there has not been a single case of covid at Coates church, Grace Life Community Church, since mid summer. In mid-summer there were two cases, and the church did contact tracing and did not meet for two weeks in an abundance of caution. Pastor Coates is not a threat to public safety. He must be released without conditions impeding his freedom to run his church. The true threat to our well being and health is the lockdown itself. I would greatly appreciate if you could seriously consider my concerns, as they reflect the concerns of innumerable other Albertans who care for our province’s welfare. As the Chief Medical Officer of Health you have the authority to bring an end to the lockdown measures. I am sincerely hoping, and praying that you will. I have included a scholarly legal report from The Justice Centre for Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, based in Calgary. This report has a very well thought out expose’ of the harms of the lockdowns, accompanied with facts and statistics. I would encourage you to read it.
Sincerely, Aaron Patterson