Witches in Action

This is for the two delusional myopic hysterical abusive WITCHES whose arrogance assures them it is okay to be amongst the worst people in Canadian history by using criminally disproportionate and irrational measures against a virus that can not be controlled, all at our expense. Read these articles about your corruption and idiocy caused by the “magic” weaved by your propaganda spells:
www.jccf.ca/dr-hinshaw-does-more-harm-than-good-to-public-health/?mc_cid=790234d9f9&mc_eid=ba9e77726b www.jccf.ca/dr-bonnie-henrys-lockdown-is-killing-my-mother/?mc_cid=790234d9f9&mc_eid=ba9e77726b deenahinshaw.com/
If you are still unmoved, I suggest further measures along the lines you have already spewed out of your evil mouths such as wearing garlic around our necks, wearing onions on our belts, having pockets full of posey, and goat sacrifice. They will be even more effective than the outrages you have concocted straight from the Middle Ages way of thinking.
I am sincerely hoping for the great punishments you deserve one day for turning our society into an abhorrent aberration with your despotic and cowardly premiers getting even more punishment. I am ashamed we have let control-freaks like you have this power. You should not even be in charge of a two-car parade.
David Snyder