Your Conspiracy Theory

Mr. Kenney,
The only conspiracy theory that we Albertans continue to see is the one that you, your government, AHS, Deena Hinshaw along with the MSM continue to spew on a daily basis. The data clearly indicates that there is NO COVID CRISIS….and THERE HAS BEEN.
It has been extremely obvious for over the past year that your agenda is to crush the province of Alberta every way possible in the name of saving us from an imaginary enemy. The truth and the data has always shown that there is NO PANDEMIC and for you to continue this narrative is absolutely ridiculous. The truth and the data clearly indicates that you, AHS and Dr.Hinshaw have been lying to us about everything since the manufactured crisis began. The truth is that AHS, Dr.Hinshaw and you, have all broken your oaths to serve the people of ALBERTA …..but worse than that it is quite evident that none of you actually care. Instead you all have chosen to hide behind a wall of lies and deception only to serve yourselves, your agendas and not to serve the public at all.
It is disgusting what this government continues to do in order to justify and protect itself. You continue to insult anyone that actually stands and tells the truth. You continue to insult everyone that has any common sense. You continue to insult and silence anyone that questions the decisions that this government has taken over the past year. You continue to insult anyone who actually has a better solution. The real data and the real facts indicate that none of you actually care what the consequences are…either that or you are totally incompetent.
It appears that you have been compromised or corrupted by someone or something. There is no way that a man of your ability, your experience and your intelligence can choose to ignore the truth and the real data for no apparent reason. To move this province into a direction opposite to the truth is criminal. Why you, AHS and Deena Hinshaw are intentionally hurting everyone in this province is inexcusable.
Garry Leonhardt