Your Sunday message to the public

Premier Jason Kenny:
Quoting your own words below, do you realize that you spoke two Oxymorons within your message?
1 If YOU actually cared about the sanctity of human life, then you would outlaw all Abortions immediately. There is no more sanctity for life than that of the defenseless unborn who did not ask to be conceived nor did they do anything to deserve to be murdered.

2 YOU mention the gatherings that would result in a super spreader event. What YOU, Tyler Shandro, Deena Hinshaw, and AHS did by Trespassing, changing locks, and occupying private property and fencing off Grace Life church, you all were the ones that created a super spreader event by drawing so much attention to your differences that it drew in many people that would not have been there had you just kept quiet and stayed the course. Your hatred for this church and Christians has made you as blind as all of the Trump haters. Do you not see the lawlessness that the Democrat party has created south of the border? People in Canada will not stand for this much longer.

YOU say take COVID seriously. If Health Canada and the CDC hadn’t been so busy hating and vilifying President Trump, thousands of people’s lives could have been spared, but no instead the FDA and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency declare Hydroxychloroquine unsafe to use when it’s been safe to use for over sixty five years. That in conjunction with vitamin D and Zinc at early stages would have saved thousands and thousands of lives. Ivermectin is another drug that is effective but instead these are banned because they do not fall into the guidelines of the WEF agenda. Doctors should be allowed to treat their patients as they see fit not as the bureaucratic officials of health services agencies see fit.

Another thing that you should be aware of, as are many people, that Grace Life church has contributed ZERO cases of CV-19 to the health care system so their church services have affected no one.
They have been cautious in making sure that people stay home if not feeling well and making sure that everyone is washing their hands.
This alone is all that is necessary to preventing the spread of anything. I tried for years while working to get employers to have people remain at home rather than come to work when they were not feeling well and to make it mandatory for people to wash their hands before leaving a washroom. But no, they couldn’t do that. In questioning fellow employees, there were equal numbers of women and men who did not wash their hands after going to the washroom. How disgusting is that. Why don’t you make some Mandates or Health restrictions in regards to this kind of behaviour.

Every one knows that CV-19 is a virus, but it is a Politicized virus from which only .003% of the people that are infected die from. The odds of getting struck by Lightning or Winning the lottery are way higher than getting CV-19 and dying.

Klaus Schwab’s vision of a post-COVID world, and how the economy can work with nature – The Great Reset podcast podcast/
That’s what this is all about around the world. You’ve been given the Agenda guidelines and those are your marching orders and probably if you don’t follow them their will be some consequences from the Elites running this sham show.

Deena Hinshaw and AHS have absolutely no scientific facts or proof nor does anyone else in the world that wearing masks and socially distancing prevents anyone from getting or not getting CVC-19.
There are eighteen states in the USA fully open and there instances of infection are from no worse than the locked down states to actually fewer instances. Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US is a total fraud who should be fired. He’s the one that funded the Wuhan lab through multiple shell companies so that his unethical research with the Covid virus could continue even when President Obama ordered all research halted. In fact there are more Health Officials that say the harm from wearing a mask is much more dangerous than not wearing a mask. Social Distancing has zero science because that only came from a High School students science project in the USA and her father was the one that suggested that might be something to try. So, ZERO scientific proof behind that and mask wearing has already created more health issues than the virus and will make CV-19 look like a picnic. How many more people have to commit suicide, die from all other diseases and conditions because of they cannot get the help they need or have been fear mongered by the Fake news Media, AHS and government before you realize how stupid these Mandates have been. How many more businesses must close or jobs must be lost before there is nothing left.
In fact we’re being told that these Experimental vaccines will not make us immune to CV-19 or any of it’s variants and that people will still have to wear masks and social distance. That tells me that the lock downs will continue forever.
Why on earth would anyone with half a brain want to take an Experimental vaccine? Are we now reduced to the same status as Lab Rats? Have you seen all the deaths and side effects from the various vaccines? That’s like any of you manufacturing a vehicle which you’ve never done before.

Then there’s Moderna a company that’s never created a vaccine for human beings. Their vaccine is a biological operating system implanted in you to modify our bodies.
It plays a fundamental role in human biology. mRNA is the set of instructions by which cells make all proteins and send them to various parts of the body.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine sites shut down. effects/

AstraZeneca vaccine (kills hundreds and is stopped being used in Europe) ey-don-t-foresee-astrazeneca-vaccine-being-used-in-the-u-s-1.5381038

This is the GESTAPO of Alberta and Canada at it’s finest. Seventy Five years after WWII, years since the cold war with USSR and here we are doing the same thing that Hitler and Stalin did to their countries, their Churches and their people. In communist China, the country our great PM admires so much, they have and are still persecuting Christians over any excuse. No Government has ever cared about the health of it’s citizens until this virus because it’s all apart of the Great Economic Reset and Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution book and agenda by the WEF, WHO, UN and all the multi billionaires who also believe in Climate change junk science and Eugenics believers, because the world can only sustain half a billion people. That’s why there’s the great death agenda with Abortion, Euthanasia for old and young.

Stop being afraid of the NDP, Racheal Notely, Sara Hoffman with whom the AHS and all the health unions are in bed with. We don’t care about their phoney science and their crap. They are the ones that should have been arrested and put in prison not the pastor.
If you don’t put an end to these stupid Mandates or Health restrictions, what ever you want to call them (they are not laws but violations of our Charter Rights & Freedoms) then the UCP is finished.
People who voted for you folks are no longer going to vote for you.

In a media availability Saturday, Premier Jason Kenney was asked about Grace Life and if he had any message for people planning on going to the church Sunday.

“My message for any Albertan would be to take COVID seriously and to keep people safe,” he said. “My message to people of faith in particular would be if you believe in the sanctity of human life please act accordingly.”

“This virus is real.”

Kenney added that if people were to gather, that they should follow the public health restrictions by staying physically distanced between cohorts, wear masks, and limit physical contact.

“It would be tragic if a gathering would result in a super spreader event.”

Wayne Hansen
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